What Does Wearing Pearls Say About You? (2023)

What Does Wearing Pearls Say About You? (1)

We never get a second chance when it comes to making the right kind of impression the first time. How we dress and how we speak all help to define who we are. The same also goes for the kind of jewelry that we choose to wear. What does wearing pearls say about us? Everything we do, say and how we dress combine to make a statement about who we are.

For centuries now since oysters were found to contain an exquisite surprise within them. The wearing of pearls has been very much in demand by women from all walks of life. Whenever you wear any kind of pearls you are consciously or subconsciously sending out signals that help to define who you are.

If you have ever wondered what does wearing pearls say about you, you may be somewhat surprised by what you learn in this article. In fact, we are going to be helping you to determine just the kind of pearl personality that you have.

Whatever kind of pearls you wear it says a lot about your personality and your lifestyle. So let us take a look at what pearls are the best fit for you. Also what wearing pearls reveals about who you really are.

Are You Playful?

The playful type is ones that are more than happy to mix things up when it comes to wearing pearls. Such women have a real sense of fun and like to be a little more original. They are the kind of women who aren’t afraid to take risks, as they don’t tend to take life too seriously.

Such women are thrilled that others see them as individuals, and aren’t ones that are happy to follow what everyone else does. For such women, the perfect pearls are ones that are a twist on something a little more traditional.

Rather than wearing the normal single strand of white pearls, these women tend to like wearing a necklace comprising baroque shaped pearls. These are women who aren’t afraid to wear pearl jewelry that comprises a combination of different colour pearls in the design. No matter what they choose to wear their playful personality will always shine through.

Are You A Workaholic?

For such women, it is important that they act and look professional at all times. They are very much dedicated to their work and this reflects back in the way they dress and act. These are women who are happiest when doing the job that they love.

For them, the perfect pearls are the kind that will complement the rest of their outfit, yet do not draw attention away from who they are and what they are capable of. For such women, a strand of classic white pearls that they team with a pair of beautiful pearl stud earrings is their choice. Not only are they simple in design but also they add a touch of elegance and chicness to any business outfit.

Are You A Dramatist?

Do you love a little bit of drama? Well if you do then you are the kind of woman who loves to make a statement. As you walk into any room you want everyone to know that you’ve arrived and you want everyone’s eyes to be drawn to you.

You are the kind of woman who appreciates the finer things in life, and will often want to adorn yourself in the best. So for you, the perfect pearls to wear are ones that will elicit comments from all those around you. When it comes to wearing pearls you are someone who likes to team a beautiful long strand of Tahitian or South Sea pearls with a pair of pearl drop or chandelier earrings.

Choosing say either a piece of pearl jewelry made up of freshwater or South Sea pearls are a great option for you. This is because we generally find these pearls in a range of different colours from off-white to peach, through to pink, lavender or even gold colours.

Are You The Casual Type?

If you are the casual type, you are someone who is friendly and easy-going. You don’t put too much demand on yourself or others around you. Rather you are happy to be able to enjoy the company of your friends and family. You are the kind of woman who would rather just spend time hanging out with those you love.

You are the kind of woman is more than happy to be wearing pearls with casual clothes, such as jeans and a t-shirt. In fact, wearing pearls with jeans is easy because there are some beautiful pearl charm bracelets available these days.

You could also team a beautiful pearl pendant that includes a few diamonds in the design along with some matching pearl earrings with your favourite brunch outfit.

Are You A Woman Of Mystery?

Are you someone who likes to leave people guessing? If you are then you want to be wearing pearls that really make people sit up and take notice of you. For you, the perfect pearls are the Tahitian variety.

Tahitian pearls are naturally dark and don’t come in just one colour. One characteristic that truly makes these pearls stand out from others is that the colour of the body varies quite a bit. Some may look grey or silver whilst others seem to look green on top of which they have overtones of dark green, black, blue or even pink.

If you are someone who wants to create a more exotic look then wearing a pearl necklace, bracelet or earrings made up of Tahitian pearls is perfect for achieving this. You really are going to be setting yourself apart from the crowd, yet still, look elegant and glamorous.

Once you have decided on the kind of personality you have you can then decide what kinds of pearls you should be wearing. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right kind of pearl jewelry that you should be wearing that will match your personality perfectly.

  1. Standard Strand Of Pearls

This is the type of pearl jewelry that you can wear with any kind of outfit. But would look especially nice when worn by women who have a very professional workaholic personality. Such strands should measure no more than 16 inches in length.

  1. Pearl Pendant

Like a traditional strand of pearls, a pearl pendant can be worn with just about any outfit in your wardrobe. It is best if you are the casual type you keep things simple and team your pearl pendant with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a blouse. For those wanting to make more of a statement, they could always team theirs for a night out with an LBD and a pair of matching drop pearl earrings.

  1. Pearls With Diamonds

This is the kind of jewelry that women who like to make a statement or get noticed tend to love wearing. They also tend to like to make sure that the jewelry includes large or coloured pearls in the design. For such women, a beautiful pearl ring comprising a pink pearl surrounding by small diamonds would be the perfect piece of pearl jewelry to wear.

  1. Coloured Pearls

One woman who favours the wearing of coloured pearls at this time is the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Never is she seen without wearing her trademark black Tahitian pearls. If you are someone who loves to stand out or wants to look a little different then a single strand of black Tahitian pearls teamed with a matching pair of stud or drop Black Tahitian pearl earrings is right for you.

  1. Very Long Pearl Strand

This is the kind of pearl jewelry that was a favourite with Coco Chanel. The great thing about such jewelry is that you have the opportunity to make it look different if you wish. Rather than wearing the strand as they would normally wear it, you can choose to wrap it around your neck twice to create a choker like necklace instead.

You need not stick with wearing a long strand of white pearls, if you want you can be a little more daring and opt for a very long strand of pearls made up of pink, cream or even lavender coloured pearls.

As you can see from above when it comes to the question “what does wearing pearls say about you?” There are quite a few things to consider. Yet you are sure to be able to find some pearl jewelry that will suit you perfectly.

Here at Pearlsonly.com, we have a wonderful selection of pearl jewelry for you to choose from. So finding something that not only suits your tastes but also your personality type shouldn’t prove difficult. So why not take the time to peruse our collections and get a better idea of just what styles would really suit you.

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