She-Ra Princess of Power - Three Courageous Hearts (2023)


Shadow Weaver creates a powerful spell which casts SheRa into the sixth dimension, beyond time and space.


And defender of the crystal castle.

This is spirit.

My beloved steed fabulous.

Secrets were revealed to me the day.

I held them off my sword and said for the honor of grayskull, only a few others share this secret among them are life.

Hope, madam, razz and cowell together we and my friends of the great rebellion strive to free syria from the evil forces of jordan.

Welcome all to mystico's annual trickster competition.

Our first competitor will be froster you're next.

Well, hello.

Terry have you come to watch the competition? Oh, no.

Madame, ross expect to be in the competition.

Actually my dear, I too was considering entering.

I thought I might recite some poetry.

I don't think poetry is quite what they had my pal.

They want to see the strength magic tricks.


Now I see with you two entering everyone is sure to have a good laugh.


That's true.

Now, see here young lady, that's, no way to talk to your own.

And what fits the strength are you going to do mr cow? Well from what I hear when they go and gets tough, you get lost why so sad.

Madame rez, this is a day for fun and laughter.

Well, we've just been reminded how useless we are, oh don't, be discouraged.

My friends, all that matters is that you do your best tricks never work right? And I have no strength and remember, the only true strength comes from the heart.

So please come inside it's time for shira to do her stuff.

Oh, you go on dearie, show them your best.

I think I'll just go back to camp.

Yeah, me too.

I don't feel much like having fun right now.

Madam, cowell, wait, hmm, maybe it's best to let them work.

It out for themselves.

I'll check on them after the competition is supposed to be next.

But I don't see her here.

I am.

Oh, wonderful.

Absolutely wonderful.

Pardon, me know the lady may I enter this competition, why? Of course my dear in mystical all are welcome to compete.

Please go right ahead.

Drop you down in one great heap, drop you down, be still and sleep must stop here from nameless book.

It was mystic.



Take her now beyond below celestica, salistic cow, you are entering the sixth dimension.

You fall into a place beyond time and space, never to return.

You must do something they've taken him.

Oh, glimmer, cast a spell everybody.

Oh just hold on a moment, calm down who's, taking them shadow weaver that little girl was really shadow weaver all our friends have been made prisoners.

And and oh, well, what about shira shadow, we even cast an ancient spell in her the floor opened and she fell into a hole.

Oh, no, when when shadowing the caster spell did you hear anything? She said, I mean anything at all no she whispered so quietly, oh wait.

I I think I did hear something hmm, a book something about a book, uh, something else, uh, a grow.

Uh, what was it? I got it.

How about a glow? Did you say something about it glowing? Terry, yes, that's it.

I heard the word glow, the library in the valley of the lost.

The nameless glowing book might be there, but we can't go there, it's, too dangerous, too far, besides who would lead us? I can lead you.

We are in big trouble.

Where am I? Well, I hope this is the way out I have to time my leap to get past those force beams.

You see, we must cross the freezing mountains before we can reach the valley it's so far away.

Oh, come come dearie.

We've already been through this.

We are the only ones left to save sheira, but we are such little creatures.

And so weak is that the one you were looking for well, yes, who are we fooling? We can't, save anyone? We have no strength.

Remember, what adora told us true strength comes from the heart.

Now, if we believe in ourselves, we can do it.

Well, I believe in us, good so do I cowel? Well, I suppose I believe in us, too, maybe then let's, go I'm so I'm.

So thirsty what's that sound, oh, my waterfall what was that what's going on if I could just get my hands on? What do you want? Never mind? I don't care what you want? I wonder if ghosts like water, I hope that water's deep enough, oh, here they come come on in the water's fine.

So you don't like to get wet let's, see what I can do about that this should do just fine.

All you guys need is a good shower.

You've done well so far warrior, woman, but no one escapes allistica's world.

No one, it looks like a feast.

Good evening.

My dear been expecting you what expecting me who are you.

And what is this place? All your questions will be answered? But first, you must dine with me, well, the valley of the lost should be just on the other side of this mountain.

Well, all we have to do is get down a beast.

What we need.

Now is a big wide bed, everybody, no, it wasn't bad that I wanted.

Oh, oh, what was this never mind about the bed look what's, coming hang on it's.

A good thing we have this soft mattress to land on see a bed with a much better choice than a sled.

Yes, as I told you, I have no time to waste.

Can you direct me out of here? Or not? Of course, I can direct you, but no one has made it past the third level and that's.

The only way out the third level, actually you might make it since you have already come this far.

And after the third level, there is a large iron door that opens with this.

The key disappeared after you complete the third level, then you get the key.

I don't trust, you, ah, but you have no choice.

Are you sure you madam you'll never find a glowing book here, unless you search in the inner library.

So where's that where's that through that door? But no one has got in there in centuries.

The books are in a language, not used in a thousand years, come dearies to the inner library.

Good luck.

Finding your book, good grief.

So this is the third level.

Oh, well here goes so far.

So good, I'm, nearly halfway there sounds like whoops trouble, end, I'm.


You little uglies want me to stay and keep you company.

But I really must go sword to pole.

Here's, the door, where's.

The key I changed my mind.

No one has ever crossed.

The third level gavin.

You must stay.

I will make a fourth and a fifth level you are the best I've ever seen.


Thank you.

I think, sorry.

I can't accept your hospitality.

Any longer you won't get through the iron door without my golden key.

Oh really, don't think it's been fun because it hasn't bye.

It can't be that's.


You may have escaped me, but you'll never get back to your world.

You are doomed to remain in the sixth dimension forever.

Hey, how can anyone find a glowing hook under all this dust? Stop? I see something the glow.

Look at the glow.

You found it.

This is it.

The nameless glowing book you can read this ancient language, a mana major, pretty ancient itself.

Here I heard that is everyone ready let's get moving to be very careful with this spell.

If you make one mistake, I know broom, I know sacred words that none do know from ancient book with mystic glow.

Take us now beyond below madame, oh madam, you're.

The last person.

I thought I'd see here and broom and cow.

You risked your lives to save me, just like you have risked yourself time and time again for us.

But let's get out of here.

I've used up my courage for the next three years.

I'll sure be glad when the transport from beast island, arrives yeah, me too.

This place gives me the creams.

Yeah, give me the fright sound any day.

I hear it let's check it out.

You go.

First they're afraid of me, wait till horde finds out.

They've left their post.

Madam, can you wake our friends from shadow weaver's sleeping spell? Oh deary.

My of course, stand aside be careful madam.

I always am now let's, see, uh, dazzle, dizzle, drizzle, drake, sleeping friends.

Now, please what's happening awake madam.

Not shake they're awake are they.

And so this year's prize goes to madame, broome and cow, three, courageous hearts who saved not only shira.

But all of mystical, I bet you never thought you'd get a medal for bravery account, frankly, I'm more nervous.

Now than when we were in the valley of the loft, my hero, I'm, sure you've shown courage too like when you learn to swim, even though you're afraid of the water, or when you learn to ride a fight, even though you were afraid to fall, how about that you've got courage too bye.

Now, I'll see you next time for the honor of love? We have the power.

So can you you.


What does She-Ra say when she transforms? ›

She had her own transformation sequence (sometimes used multiple times an episode), a twist on her twin brother's classic “I HAVE THE POWER!” battle cry. With her catchphrase of “FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL,” Adora is enveloped in sparkly lightning to become She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Is She-Ra a warrior princess? ›

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is the story of an orphaned princess named Adora, who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde when she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into legendary warrior princess She-Ra.

Who is asexual in She-Ra? ›

As Entrapta is Hordak's partner, she may also be asexual.

What is Adora's full name? ›

Park Soo-hyun (Korean: 박수현; born September 25, 1997), professionally known as Adora (Korean: 아도라), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer.

What is Catra and Adora's child called? ›

Finn is the non-binary child of Catra and Adora.

What race is She-Ra? ›

RaceHuman/Eternian Hybrid (1985) The First One (2018)
OccupationMilitary Captain (formerly) Rebel Leader (currently) Princess of Eternia
10 more rows

Who is Adora's twin? ›

Continuity. Princess Adora is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise. She is the twin sister of Prince Adam and the alter ego of She-Ra.

Is there LGBTQ in She-Ra? ›

Several of the characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are officially recognized as being involved in onscreen or post-series romantic relationships. Additionally, characters in the show may identify under LGBTQ+ sexualities, romanticisms, or genders.

Is Catra LGBT? ›

Sexuality. Catra is a lesbian. She's currently in a relationship with Adora, who she confesses her feelings to during the last episode, saying "I love you Adora!

Does Adora have a kid? ›

Adora's and Catra's kid, Finn.

Are Adora and Catra siblings? ›

Catra and Adora were childhood friends that grew up together in "The Horde", an evil force fighting against The Rebellion and training young cadets and soldiers. Even as children, they were always together.

How tall is Catra in feet? ›

Because it's crazy to imagine Scorpia as taller than 8 foot and then Catra high 6 foot to low 7 foot. Or maybe people are just slightly taller on Etheria compared to earth. Just like how in the 1600s 5 foot was average for a full grown male.

Is Catra a Latino? ›

In June 2020, Stevenson said that Catra was a woman of color, saying he discussed her "being a brown Latina" when designing her, although this was not "explicitly, textually present in the show," Stevenson also expressed enthusiasm for fans interpreting Catra as representing Persian ethnicity.

Does Catra have a mom? ›

Throughout the series, we are introduced to two main mother-figures: Glimmer's mother, Queen Angella, and the sorceress who raised Adora and Catra, Shadow Weaver.

Is Finn from She-Ra non-binary? ›

Noelle says their name is Finn, and they are non-binary!

Who is the real villain in She-Ra? ›

She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985)

Hordak is the main antagonist of the show and is portrayed as a ruthless tyrant, who delights in the pain and misery of others, including his own minions. He rules Etheria from his headquarters, the Fright Zone.

What race is Scorpia? ›


What race is Entrapta? ›

Voiced byLinda Gary (1985) Christine Woods (2018)
In-universe information
7 more rows

What does Adora say to turn into She-Ra? ›

Adora shouts “For the honor of Grayskull!” when she transforms into the super-powered She-Ra, but what exactly Grayskull is remained a mystery.

What are some lines from She-Ra? ›

She-Ra: 10 Best Quotes From The Series
  • “I'm Like The Only One Who's Not A Princess.” ...
  • “Hey, Adora.” ...
  • “And Then I Met You. ...
  • "Imperfection Is Beautiful... ...
  • “Friendship Isn't A Weakness. ...
  • “For The Honor Of Grayskull!” ...
  • “I Didn't Break The World... But I Am Going To Fix It." ...
  • “I Am Brave, Strong, Loyal, And I Give Great Hugs.”
Aug 17, 2021

What does Adora say to Catra? ›

Adora: You shouldn't be here, Catra. Those things aren't going to stop until they get you, and as long as I'm protecting you, they'll see me as a threat, too.

Do Adora and Catra have a child? ›

Adora's and Catra's kid, Finn.

How old is Catra at the end of She-Ra? ›

Catra was said by ND Stevenson to be seventeen to eighteen years old at the beginning of the series and, by the end of the show, twenty to twenty-one years old, as it was also stated that the series took place over three years.

Who is the most loved character in She-Ra? ›

Best: Adora

Adora is the main protagonist and also one of the best characters in the show. She changes a lot, especially during the first few episodes when she realizes that she might not be as loyal to Hordak and the Fright Zone as she thought.

Why is she called She-Ra? ›

According to Lou Scheimer in the book "Creating the Filmation Generation", the first suggestion for She-Ra's name was 'She-Ro', referring to He-Man's original name, 'He-Ro'. But Lou thought that name didn't sound feminine. Writer Larry DiTillio then came up with She-Ra, referring to the Egyptian word for god, "Ra".

What race is Adora? ›

Real nameAdora
In-universe information
NicknamePrincess of Power The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe
RaceHuman/Eternian Hybrid (1985) The First One (2018)
10 more rows

What ethnicity is Adora? ›

Park Soo-hyun ( Korean : 박수현; born September 25, 1997 [1] ), professionally known as Adora ( Korean : 아도라 ), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer. She made her debut as a soloist on November 5, 2021, under Aura Entertainment with the digital single "Make U Dance" featuring Eunha of Viviz and ...

Who does Adora kiss? ›

Something happened that I truly never believed would occur: Catra and Adora declared their love for each other and they KISSED!!!! Yes, that's right: Catra and Adora actually kissed. And then their love saved all of Etheria.

Why does Catra wear a mask? ›

catradora endgame

at first you might think its just a nod to the original MOTU catra design but noelle stevenson 😤😤 they crafted an incredible metaphor from it where the mask represents the lies that catra learns to tell herself and everyone around her for the sake of her survival in the horde.

Why is Catra called little sister? ›

Terms of Endangerment: After Catra pledges loyalty to Horde Prime, he calls her "little sister". Catra saw Horde Prime Mind Rape his "little brother", so she's rightfully horrified.

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