Jake Paul breaks up a FIGHT between Tydus and a BULLY (2023)


Bullies suck! Poor Tydus...

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On our last video, who is it it's, jake, paul jake.

What did he say he said, he wants us to meet him.

And he sits plane tickets what he said, meet me here.

He sent plane tickets.

And we leave all right guys.

We have made it to the airport.


Super early.

Are you guys tired? Barry, yeah, mommy, you tired, very you excited, very excited.

Are you guys excited? You know where we're going do? You know where we're going china? No, not china, new york, not new york either, mommy, do you know where we're going? I know where we're going guys? We didn't know where we were going until we got to the airport and we checked in now cory.

And I know where we're going and we're pretty excited right so excited and we're, not gonna tell what japan no not japan either, but we're, not going to tell the kids where we're going until we get there.

So are you guys excited to get there? What we forgot it's bowie's first time, flying on a plane, that's, right? Bowie, it's.

Your first time on a plane, we got a first timer boy, where are the planes we're, the planes that's right out there? All right? I think we're boarding we're.

Boarding let's.

Go let's.

Go all right.


We have made it.

It was a long flight.

But uh, I think it was worth.

It definitely worth it.

And the kids still don't know where we are.

They were actually so tired when we got in, they were asleep.

We carried them in the room.

So they still have no idea where we are so mommy without further ado.

You want to tell them all right? Guys? Are you ready? Yes.

We are in puerto rico.


Well, guys, there's, one more surprise, mommy, what is that we're going right now to see jake and pam, jake and pam and everybody you guys? Ready? Yeah, let's.

Go all right? Guys.

We have made it.

We are seeing jake and pam and the whole gang julia's.

Even here I think mommy.

What are we doing here? We are here at a recreation center, where jake is putting on an amazing event called boxing.

Bully that's, right, yep and it's.

All about getting your aggression out with gloves on instead of punching a kid and being a bully right, bullies suck, right? Bullies suck and what's.

Their motto, um there's, a lot of different models.

I don't know them by heart.

I think it's box.

But each letter of box represents something like b is be kind to everyone that's right? And then o was only defend right? Only only defend never initially that's, right? All right? You guys.

Ready to go.

See everyone still got the pressure on you.

How have you been you ready to box some bullies because there's a baby? You've never met her.

I haven't, how is she so tan? I say, hi from tahoe say, his practice, oh, getting pregnant you're, getting taller every time I see it.

I know this.

Okay, wait.


I got this.

You got this it's, not a footpod.


She likes danger.

You run around with her.

How good does this say, sorry, I love you that's.

When like you have 10 more minutes, um.

So ten minutes, one minute to get to the next station sort of tell your group what's going on.

We don't need a nightlight cause we're already glowing in your lifetime.

No one's ever shown you what we're showing tonight.

So they have all their little stations that they're going to be at where like the kids do an activity with them right? And this is happening tomorrow.

What ham's going to be teaching cartwheels cartwheels, yeah, cartwheels.

No, I know what you said, but what's that have to do with boxing.

Oh it's just like an activity.

Oh, okay.

Kids are gonna get more bullies.

No one's ever shown you what we're showing tonight light.

Thank you all right.


We are back at jake's boxing.

Bullies event.

Yesterday was just kind of, uh, warm up show us the ropes what we're doing today.

You guys excited, that's, right.

All right? You guys ready to go in the hands of young kids, let's see some young champs back here, we're about to get a workout in uh, but football.

Mission, oxy pleases to help instill confidence, courage and leadership into the youth sport of boxing, foxy help in our generation.

And having been a bully myself it's, okay, to realize that you're bullying and stop it and change and become a better person and that's our national police.

I'm gonna need help, uh leading the workout.

Okay, you can help us do the warm-up remember sleeping on the floor at the gas station when the time is cold in the kitchen hostile trying to flip it off.

The stove rocking, fake j's praying that nobody knows watch them.

Take my dog away was way too hard to stay composed fight to see the light of day all that blood on my clothes.

I was tired every day green light is time to go coming because I know my people needed me diving in the rough.

I don't know what it is.

They seeing me go down there's a legend in my city.

Cause we beat the streets trying to spread the wealth around the block.

No, I can't keep from me told me, I should leave.

I see the bigger picture and it's way bigger than me, y'all cause I'm coming back home.

I've been doing shows now we ain't staying remember sleeping on the floor.

We stealing at the gas station when the time is cold in the kitchen high still trying to flip it off.

The stove rocking, fake j's praying that nobody knows watch them.

Take my dog away.

It was way too hard to stay composed fight to see the light all right was that fun or what really really cool? Did you have fun right? Right? Yes.

Some of those kids are really good at boxing.

Huh? Yeah.

They're actually like really athletic little kids.

Well, what is the plan now? Mommy? Now we are going back in the gym and we're gonna watch some amateur boxing fights what we're gonna watch some boxing fights.

Yes, actual amateur boxers that I guess live over here in puerto rico fighting.


You guys want to watch some amateur boxing.

Yeah, yeah.



Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What am I gonna box? Are you gonna box? Yeah, do you want a box? No rotor, you taught me safety.

The way you showed me all the ropes and how to make it how to make it on my own and how to tame my dream how to tame my dreams.

Wow, this is entertaining.

How are you liking the fight so far, titus really good? Can you elaborate on that any further? No good talking to you as always right? Right? What do you think of the fight so far? Good job? Man, a little good can you expand on that good talking to you as always let's get back to the fight? Ready? What's happening.

You guys knew about this.

Well, you guys want to get some let's go.

It just started downpouring when we were getting ice cream.

You are drenched how's the ice cream.

Oh here comes titus.

Oh my gosh, you're drenched.

Well, this is island life.

This is puerto rican life.

It rains a lot, but it's fun rain.

Huh, wait where's, mommy and bowie they're still over there.

Oh my gosh.


They are what in the world.



You always have a backup don't, get lost in lights, but I'd rather go crashing than never take the leap.

So thank you for doubting.

You put the fire in me all right guys.

We have made it down to the beach and guess who's here with us.

How is it buddy? Julia, hey, hey, how is it rabbi god? I love it here we're thinking about moving here.

Let us know in the comments.

If you think we should move to puerto rico.

And we even have bowie here.

Look at her little house.

She has, how is it bowie? I kind of feel bad for her but guys she has to be in this otherwise she's just going to run around eating sand and rocks, huh? And in this you're safe, you want to get out for a little bit.

Okay, let's get you out.

Come on you're, free, you're, free joey run.

Oh, my gosh, see you guys straight to the mouth now.

And this is why you're in the tent come on let's, walk go joey you're, free.

No, what do you think? Wait, hey, where are you going? Oh, titus and why why shoes bo you want to feel the water we'll? Go feel the water.

Okay, go bowie feel the water.

Yeah, I don't think she likes the water too much.

Mommy get her get her she's.

Never been in she's.

Never been in puerto rican waters.

She's, never been in any ocean water.

What we took her back home, not in the water, though, yeah, she put her feet in.

And then she cried.

Remember it's cold this water.

However, is perfecto I'm like a local already first time in the ocean.

We got our first timer it's, julia's first time in the ocean, oh, my gosh, yay, julia.

You should swim out a little ways you want to get your hair wet.

Yeah, they love that girls she's trying to lick them.

She called you jacob jake, throw titus.

Oh my gosh, that's, actually pretty cool.

Oh, here comes chloe all right guys.

So we just swim at the beach guys.

This is rad.

So this used to be like the air control air traffic.

And this is where amelia earhart took off on the last voyage.

Really, yeah.

So this is an actual like plane, hanger, it used to be.


This is like a dream place to live with kids.

Now you just need kids is well.

Did you guys have a good time in puerto rico? Or what it's pretty cool? What jake's doing with his boxing? Bullies foundation? Huh? Yes? Right? It is so cool and you're.

Not a stranger to bullying, huh? Buddy, yeah.

I don't think we've ever told everyone titus has had a bully.

Yes and uh, yeah.

It sucks.



So if you happen to be a bully and you're watching this video, stop being a bully, there's still time to join the good side, right? Yes, x out.

Bullying, x out.


Well, guys, we still have to pick our instagram winner for the best edit of titus's music.

Video, right? So, do you want to do the honors? Mommy? Yes, I do all right.

The winner is talbot family fan page for life also known as denelia.

Congratulations, guys.

This person made a bunch of edits of titus's music video, and they were all fantastic.

So make sure you go follow her on instagram we're going to link her in our description, right? Well, guys, we are getting ready to head to the airport.

Have you guys brushed your teeth yet.

Go brush.


Go brush, those teeth and brush them.




What I just got a notification that someone's in our house on our next video, what is your parents? No my parents are out of town we'll pull up.

The cameras is that the scientist and knock knock you.


Who did Jake Paul agree to fight? ›

Paul welcomed that stipulation, which will be the first time he's been scheduled for a 10-round fight during his boxing career. “Nate Diaz wants 10 rounds,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “I guess he has good cardio. OK Nathan, 10 rounds it is.”

Did Jake Paul have a fight? ›

He deployed a longer, sharper jab, landed the more authoritative power punches and used superior timing to achieve a split-decision win. Two judges scored the bout, 76-73, for Tommy Fury, while a third favored Paul by 75-74. “Tonight, I made my own legacy,” Fury said in the ring immediately after the fight.

What rank is Jake Paul in boxing? ›

Jake Paul
#207 / 1,160 #32 / 183
3 more rows

How much is Jake paying Tommy? ›

The Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury purse is reportedly $8.6 million, with Paul taking $3.2 million and 65% of the pay-per-view money.

How much is Nate Diaz getting paid for Jake Paul fight? ›

While legendary UFC fighter Anderson Silva earned $1.5 million in his fight against Paul, and Paul himself reportedly earned close to $5 million, it is still nowhere near the $12 million Diaz received for his highly anticipated matchup against McGregor.

Who is Jake Paul's enemy? ›

Ben Askren, 2021

Paul upped the ante on his next opponent, former Olympic mixed martial artist Ben Askren.

How many fights has Jake lost? ›

Jake Paul
Total fights7
Wins by KO4
24 more rows

What did Jake Paul say after he lost? ›

It was the first loss of Paul's career, against the first recognised boxer he has faced, and he admitted he felt 'flat' during the fight. Speaking in the ring, Paul said: "All respect to Tommy, he won. Don't judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. “I'll come back and I think we deserve the rematch.

Did Jake Paul pay Tommy Fury? ›

He agreed to pay Tommy Fury a good half a million if he lost the fight.

How old is Tydus today? ›

Tydus Talbott, also known as 'Mini Jake Paul', is a seven-year-old who rose to fame after becoming associated with Jake Paul.

How many kids does Jake Paul have? ›

But as of now, Jake Paul doesn't have any kids of his own.

Is Jake Paul an undefeated boxer? ›

Indeed. Jake Paul is no longer an undefeated fighter. But the boxing world will still pay attention to what he does next.

What rank is Ben Askren? ›

Currently ranked No. 6 at 170 pounds, Askren has been a constant presence in the rankings.

Who won Tommy or Jake? ›

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, billed as The Truth, was a professional boxing match contested between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. The bout took place on 26 February 2023 in the Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Fury won by split decision. The fight sold over 800,000 PPV buys.

How much did Tommy Fury get for winning against Jake Paul? ›

Fury is reportedly set to receive a £1.6million ($2m) purse - and 35 per cent of the PPV money. In total, the 23-year-old will earn £3.7million ($4.5m).

Did Tommy Fury get paid double? ›

The Brit beat the American by split decision last weekend after previously verbally agreeing to a 'double or nothing' bet over Tommy's purse. However, when Paul's team presented the Furys with a contact to solidify this agreement, it did not get signed.

How much did Jake Paul make in his last fight? ›

Jake Paul Says He Made $30M from Tommy Fury Fight Despite Split-Decision Loss. Much of the appeal surrounding Jake Paul's hype-fueled boxing career wore off after his split-decision loss to Tommy Fury this past weekend. But he'll be laughing all the way to the bank regardless.

How much does Nick Diaz get paid? ›

Net Worth In Indian Rupees:1 crore
Net Worth In Indian US Dollar$10 Million
Net Worth In Indian Euro
Salary2 million
Endorsements Income$20,000
3 more rows
6 days ago

How old is Nate Diaz? ›

Who refused to fight Jake Paul? ›

Jake Paul finally tasted defeat when he stepped into a boxing ring with Tommy Fury in February.

What was Jake Paul apologizing for? ›

Jake Paul apologized to Tommy Fury for leaking his baby's birth. Two days before Jake Paul and Tommy Fury enter the ring to expose their undefeated records as professional boxers, the pair did a joint interview called "MVP FACE 2 FACE."

What did McGregor say to Jake Paul? ›

So McGregor responded with a clip of their disputed sparring knockdown and captioned it: "I left you like a little seesaw." Jake reacted to his exchange with McGregor by tweeting a new proposal for UFC president Dana White. He said: "Dana - Since you like me now, how about a one-fight UFC deal to fight Conor.

Why did Jake Paul apologise? ›

'I won't tell anyone the gender' – Jake Paul apologises for leaking Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague's baby news that resulted in backlash before couple confirmed birth. Jake Paul apologised for revealing that Molly-Mae Hauge had given birth to her first child with Tommy Fury before she did.

What was the bet between Tommy and Jake? ›

Prior to Jake and Tommy's fight, which the Brit went on to win by split decision, the two fighters shook hands on a bet that would see the winner walk away with double the purse or nothing if he lost.

How rich is Tommy Fury? ›

Fury reportedly has a net worth of more than $1.2 million (£1 million) thanks to several sponsorships and endorsements as well as his own boxing pay cheques.

Who was Jake Paul in a Throuple with? ›

A popular OnlyFans star has claimed that boxer Jake Paul invited her and her model friend to join him in a throuple in Puerto Rico. Rara Knupps is an adult model, sharing X-rated snaps and videos with her followers online through her OnlyFans account, where subscribers can pay a monthly fee for access to content.

Is Jake Paul married to Julia Rose? ›

Paul and Rose are not married couples yet.

Did Jake Paul and Erika Costell actually date? ›

Of course, Jake has said in the past that there is some chemistry between him and Erika because he thinks she's so attractive. He made it seem like the pair has hooked up but when it comes to actually dating, there's none of that going on.

Is Jojo Siwa related to Tydus? ›

❤️ I took Tydus on a UNLIMITED shopping spree and He had the best time ever!

How old was Tydus when he died? ›

Tydus Mark Keith Kerner-Stevenson, beloved infant son of Robbi-Lee Kerner and Curtis Stevenson, passed away in Calgary on Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the age of 44 days.

How much is Mini Jake Paul worth? ›

With a net worth suspected to be anywhere between $1 to 5 million, 'Mini Jake Paul' is known for his quirky, boastful attitude and curly blonde hair, much like the real Jake Paul.

How long was Jake Paul married for? ›

Paul and Mongeau eventually split five months after their wedding. He is now dating model Julia Rose, though the two briefly broke up in March before getting back together.

Who did Jake Paul call? ›

Paul has already defeated former MMA fighters Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, but Masvidal would represent the first competitor in his "prime" as referenced in the post.

What boxer wants to fight Jake Paul? ›

Legendary boxer Eric Esch, a.k.a. Butterbean, has revealed he is coming out of retirement – challenging Jake Paul to a fight in the process. Butterbean last fought in 2013, but has an impressive boxing CV, having taken part in 91 fights with a record of 77 wins – 58 by knockout – four draws and 10 losses.

Who won out of Jake Paul and Anderson Silva? ›

Anderson Silva was a professional boxing match contested between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva. The bout took place on October 29, 2022, at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona and ended with a Paul win. The fight sold 300,000 PPV buys.

What are all Jake Paul's fights? ›

WinAnderson Silva The SpiderJake Paul vs Anderson Silva Oct. 29, 2022
WinTyron Woodley The Chosen OneJake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II Dec. 17, 2021
WinTyron Woodley The Chosen OneJake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Aug. 29, 2021
WinBen Askren FunkyTriller Fight Club: Jake Paul vs Ben Askren April 17, 2021
3 more rows

Was the Tommy Fury and Jake Paul fight scripted? ›

Contrary to the falsified document, Tommy won the bout by a split decision, proving the fight was not scripted. Following eight rounds, the judge scored it: 75-74 Paul, 76-73 Fury and 76-73 Fury.

Why did Anderson Silva lose to Jake Paul? ›

Silva - reminder, UFC fighter - said he wasn't properly prepared for the boxing match. "I didn't have the strategy correct, and I lost the fight, and that's amazing, because I continue to learn, continue to accept the new technique with my coach, and that's great," the 47-year-old said.

Who was the last person Jake Paul fight? ›

Jake Paul fight history

Most recently, Paul bested UFC Hall of Famer Anderson Silva by unanimous decision on October 29, 2022.

How much did Silva get paid for fight? ›

The reported payouts for the match have been released. Anderson Silva was paid a staggering $500,000 in guaranteed money for his participation, while Jake Paul received an astonishing $1.5 Million in guaranteed money.

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